I'm Myrina, AKA Cosmic Crow. 

I am part artistpreneur, creator, dream-weaver, avid traveler, experience-seeker, and shaman. I'm on a quest to find things that fuel my soul and then share them with you. 


1. My superpower is: trip planning. We can talk more about this later.

2. I love little birds. 

3. And bunnies. I had a cage-free bunny who was the love of my life, Benjamin. I can still feel his fur snuggled against my face.

4. My soul longs to travel. I particularly love traveling to experience Art. It feeds my soul. Best travel tip: if you're looking to see the world's great art, travel in winter. You'll spend less money and there are virtually no lines. Fewer tourists mean better cultural experience. (I secretly revel in my high ranking on TripAdvisor. shhhh)

5. Vegan. There I said it.

6. Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini Rising. That's probably all you needed to know anyway.

7. So, about the shaman thing. The first and foremost thing you should know is: I don't use the term lightly. I don't mean it in a broad new age sense. By shaman, I mean it in the esoteric animistic go-into-a-trance sense. I am a Mesa Carrier. 

8. You'd be right to think there's an epic backstory to my becoming a Mesa Carrier - someday I will write a book. How did my Fool's Journey start? RATS. I had rats coming out my toilets. For 6 months. Apparently, I didn't get the message quick enough. 

9. I've been working on a multimedia art project for almost a decade. The subject matter of which is a relative theory of consciousness. My partner and I have been conducting art based thought experiments to establish and test the theory. 

10. Image is. Text is about. This is Goddess technology.

11. I'm a geek. 

12. LISTEN. Listen to the waves. Listen to the wind. Listen to Pachamama. Listen to your soul.


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